July 1, 1876 – The Start of the Montenegrin-Ottoman War?

The Wounded Montenegrin from Montenegro

So near the end of May the world watched our President Donald J Trump shove the Prime Minister of Montenegro Dusko Markovic out of the way during the NATO summit. I dare say that many of us Americans, myself included know exactly where Montenegro is located. I know it’s generally in the area that was formerly Yugoslavia, but I needed to take a look at a map to know the exact location.

Ah, there it is on the Adriatic, southwest of Serbia and between Bosnia-Herzegovina and Albania. So why am I looking this up today when the SHOVE came back in May. The reason is that on this date in 1876 Montenegro declared war on the Turks. When I first read this I thought ok as far as I know Turkey is a good distance away from Montenegro. Then I remembered they were not fighting Turkey but the Ottoman Empire!! From Wikipedia……

The Start of the Montenegrin-Ottoman War

The Montenegrin–Ottoman War (Montenegrin: Црногорско-турски рат/Crnogorsko-turski rat, “Montenegrin-Turkish War“), also known in Montenegro as “Great War” (Velji rat/Вељи рат), was fought between the Principality of Montenegro and the Ottoman Empire between 1876 and 1878. The war ended with Montenegrin victory. Six major and 27 smaller battles were fought, among which was the crucial Battle of Vučji Do.

A rebellion in nearby Herzegovina sparked a series of rebellions and uprisings against the Ottomans in Europe. Montenegro and Serbia agreed to declare a war on Turkey on 18 June 1876. The Montenegrins allied themselves with Herzegovians. One battle that was crucial to Montenegro’s victory in the war was the Battle of Vučji Do. In 1877, Montenegrins fought heavy battles along the borders of Herzegovina and Albania. Prince Nicholas took the initiative and counterattacked the Turkish forces that were coming from the north, south and west. He conquered Nikšić (24 September 1877), Bar (10 January 1878), Ulcinj (20 January 1878), Grmožur (26 January 1878) and Vranjina and Lesendro (30 January 1878)
The war ended when the Ottomans signed a truce with the Montenegrins at Edirne on 13 January 1878. Read More

Ok so the above article sates that the countries of Montenegro and  Serbia declared war on the Ottoman Empire on July 18th of 1876. Very ‘interesting? Maybe Montenegro declared war alone on July 1st and then together with Serbia on July 1th. Anyone know? Anyway, what we do know is that a war broke out in July of 1876 between the Montenegro, Serbia and the Ottoman Empire. Additionally, we know that the Montenegrins defeated  the Ottoman Empire..

The Start of the Battle of Gettysburg

Speaking of wars today also marks the 154th anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg in the American Civil War.You can find out more about that here at Maybe in honor of that I should make Pickett’s Charge: A New Look at Gettysburg one of my July reads!

The Start of the First Tour de France

Finally  on July 1 in 1903 the  first Tour de France bicycle race.began. Since the Tour does not usually start on the 1st of July, I had not checked out the course for this year’s tour. Yes, I watch the Tour even though my children and wife tell me it’s like watching paint dry. I still watch especially the mountain stages!! Anyway I just checked and I see that the Tour did start today. The winner of the first stage was Geraint Thomas. You can read more here about that first stage!

Featured Image: The Wounded Montenegrin (Ranjeni Crnogorac), by Paja Jovanović